Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Drinking at the Movies, 31/100

Finished Julia Wertz's terrific graphic memoir Drinking at the Movies, which I found by surprise at the library. I always populate my amazon wishlist with books I think I'll never come across in real life. What a surprise when you just so happen to walk up on one, sitting there with it's real cover in all its glossy splendor, which you've only seen in pixels for so long. It's happened to me twice this week. First I found Drinking, then I came across the graphic novel Skim, which has been in my wishlist since 2009, in a local bookstore. See! Libraries and bookstores aren't dead! You just might have to wait two or more years to get what you want. No biggie.

I can relate to the main character in Drinking at the Movies more than I care to admit. So I don't live in Brooklyn. But compared to where I grew up, my current digs make me feel like I am. This comic is self deprecation at its finest, and I identified with every instance of laziness, booziness, frumpiness and introversion. Overall it was super funny and cute (cute in a profanity-laden, poop joke sorta way). And yet touching when it needed to be.

The sad thing is she officially has more food in her fridge than I do. But I have more pajama pants! (wait, shouldn't be proud of that)

The last time I drunk netflix'd I ordered Big Man Japan. When it arrived I decided to watch it drunk, and what proceeded was one of the most profoundly surreal and confusing experiences of my life.

You can check out more of Julia Wertz's comics at, where else,

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