Sunday, September 11, 2011

The bad things that happen

You can live with what happens.

There's billions of terror plots! We've pissed off an awful lot of people! We're Americans, that's what we do. If you want to live free and not die, maybe move to Canada. But someone has got to pay for the trouble we've caused all over the world. And after all the press conferences and overmayoring is done, what we'll have left is the old tragedy and response two-step. We'll grieve our own while giving others 100 times more grief. Until we get that the cycle of violence must be broken, terror attacks are just the price of business in America. They can put a camera on every person's head in this great land and still bad things will happen to kind but complicit people. Here's hoping it's me and not you that pays with arms and legs. The only thing we have to fear is the luxury of feeling scared. Commemorate that.
Jim Behrle, Link

But more importantly, you can just LIVE.

Spending your youthful energy on combative, kinetic apathy is a waste. Stuff is AWESOME, GUYS. Something about everything is awesome. Because I live in LA, CA, USA and not other places in the world, I get to write things like “fuck fuck FUCK fuck fuck FUCK” on the Internet (the title of my next blog post). I can condemn Burkas while comfortably wearing a Snuggie (a gateway Burka). I can do an interpretative dance as Hitler for 322 people (suck it, Hitler). I can do whatever I want (sort of) and I can eat whatever I want (not carbs) and be the opposite of dead.

The people who, ten years ago today, flew those planes into the sides of two of the tallest buildings in America had minds that were even smaller than mine (and possibly yours, if you’re wearing a shirt from Threadless Tees). Their worldview was so closed to interpretation that they thought the only answer was a large-scale terrorist attack. I’m not saying Hipsters are Terrorists (though that is a very funny sentiment that I never thought I’d get the chance to write). I am saying that closing your mind to sincerity and praise and appreciation might be the first step in squandering the fucking awesome human condition you possess. Please do not close your mind to the not-small epiphany that epic joy exists.
Megan Amram, Link

Today is a day for remembering. Not just the actual event that happened. Nor the heroic response. And definitely not the all-consuming blind patriotism that followed, resulting in multiple wars and the additional loss of life. But the cause. The people who initiated the terrorist attack 10 years ago, and every terrorist attack in every country before and after, are and were extremely unhappy and closed-minded. They had reason to be unhappy. And there was a reason they were closed-minded.

The thing to remember about today is that you should try your best to live your life with joy, acceptance, tolerance, and understanding. Be the opposite of a terrorist. Understand why bad people do bad things. Understand that your place in the world may have something to do with it. Understand that your actions and attitude have a far-reaching influence.

Yeah, you're free. You have freedom. Don't just defend it. Do something good with it.

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