Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Comic Book Day!


Today is Free Comic Book Day! Unfortunately I won't be able to participate, seeing as how I have to work, and this evening will need to start moving into a new apartment (buying all those books seemed like such a great idea at the time...didn't account for having to move them someday).

BUT. But. Might as well make a blog post recommending some comics, so you guys can take advantage of the FREENESS.

I've only recently started reading comics, so I feel weird giving recommendations. Like I'm that guy in the Dos Equis commercials: "I don't always read comics, but when I do I prefer..." (note: I am NOT the most interesting woman in the world).

But here goes:

What I've been reading most recently are the Buffy Season 8 comics. Taking place after season 7 of the canceled show, the comic goes all the places the limited budget of the show couldn't take us previously. So...giant goddesses, centaurs, flying cars, flying people. Good stuff. The art is decent, and the writing is hilarious. This is Joss Whedon at his most Joss Whedon-iest. Season 8 has ended, but word has it that Season 9 is underway. So, woo!

And then there's always the Scott Pilgrim series. This series gave rise to a film, a video game, an incredible sound track...(all of which I own. Sad little nerd.) And yet whenever I mention anything about it, I usually get blank stares. Weird. But if you're into 90s pop culture references and Canadian humor, by all means check it out.

It's probably along the lines of "something something I'm gonna kick you in the face."

Making a complete 180 into the serious realm of LGBT superheroes (um), there's Batwoman: Elegy. Even if you don't care about Batman/girl/woman/people, or superheroes, or comics in general, take a look at this one for the GORGEOUS artwork by J.H. Williams. Elegy is a hardcover collection of issues #854-860 of Detective Comics, and the artwork is as dark and gorgeous as the storyline. In this arc Batwoman has been dismissed from the military due to the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy (thank god this now makes it outdated). It even contains a prologue by Rachael Maddow, and a cameo by Lieutenant Dan Choi. So check it out, unless your a homophobe. Or a bataphobe.

Ghost World! Also known as the comic that makes me think think about Steve Buscemi's face all day. It's a story about two smartass friends who slowly become unfriends after graduating high school. Probably the most relatable thing I've ever read. Frowny face emoticon.

And I shouldn't be recommending The Walking Dead comics, since I haven't actually read them yet. I have the first book by my bed. I will get to it! But I just know it will be awesome, seeing as how the show on AMC was amazing. I could be wrong, but probably not. I will take full responsibility if this turns out to be false, by calling a press conference and officially retracting my statement. Then I will print out a copy of this blog post and set it on fire.

Words Blogger Didn''t Think I Should Use in this Blog Post


I assert my independence from you and your little red squiggly lines, Blogger.

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