Friday, May 27, 2011

V for Vendetta, 23/100

Finished Alan Moore’s and David Lloyd’s masterpiece comic, V for Vendetta.  I read the collected paperback edition, which is 296 pages of wonderful.

V for Vendetta takes place in a near future dystopia (which, since the comic was started in 1981, means 1998), where a fascist government has taken charge of Britain after a worldwide nuclear war. Under this new regime surveillance is constant, control is absolute, and anyone who is not anglo-saxon or heterosexual is put into a concentration camp, experimented on, deported or killed.

Enter “V,” the mysterious anarchist, who wears a Guy Fawkes mask and commits acts of terrorism against Britain’s fascist overlords. He’s carrying out a personal vendetta, but also setting up the framework for a revolution by the people.

The whole thing feels like 1984 meets Nazi Germany, mixed with elements of Fahrenheit 451 and Robin Hood (I hope you click that last link). It’s a world built upon propaganda posters.

It really is a masterwork by Moore and Lloyd, and has the honor of being the second comic that has ever made me cry (although honestly it doesn’t take much). I couldn’t recommend it more – whether you care for comics or not.

Plus, you learn all kind of new “V” words to use next time you play Scrabble.

I vivaciously vie to view “V” as a vitriolic, vapid…umm…something something vampire vitamin. #alliterationfail

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