Wednesday, August 31, 2011

during my nervous breakdown i want to have a biographer present, 42/100

Lines I enjoyed from Brandon Scott Gorrell's book of poetry, during my nervous breakdown i want to have a biographer present:

from 'giant destructive moth':
i said i want to move into the internet
you said let's do that
i said where do you go in
i said does it have sun chips

from 'face annihilation':
today i wil go to work
i'll hardly ever move my body
then it will be time to leave
sometime tonight i'll try not to get drunk
sometime tonight i'll walk to the store, buy alcohol, and think 'what about the homeless people
sometime tonight i'll get drunk

from 'today i empathized with the top of a tower':
this is what happens
when you seclude yourself and become alienated
you sit on your bed
and receive validation from words on a computer screen
you feel extremely excited and jump off your bed

If you want to read more of Brandon Scott Gorrell's writing, check out his contributions to Thought Catalog, where he is also an editor. And really, you should be checking out Thought Catalog anyway. Because it's incredible. It's the only website I really take pleasure in visiting anymore.

And here's the back cover to DMNBIWTHABP, which is the best ever.

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