Monday, July 1, 2013

I Forgot To Be Famous

Finished Almie Rose's ebook of essays, I Forgot To Be Famous: On Dating, Relationships, and Getting Screwed and Screwed Over in Beautiful Los Angeles from a Writer Who is Trying Her Best, which was just released today. Almie runs the fantastic blog Apocalypstick that I've been following ever since I started this one. I'm 100% jealous of her wit and ability to pull off a sexy lion costume.

Here are some snippets from the book.

From "How to Get a Musician Boyfriend"

Be bold. Don't be too drunk. Drink Pepsi-Cola. Be a proud American. Quote your favorite childhood films. Ask, "Did Dunston ever check out?" Think about what would happened if we still used salt as currency. Try and imagine a new color. Maybe pretend to be British. It's your life.

From "Ex"

I don't care if this goes against all of my feminist teachings: I want to feel like a prized thing, like the Arc of the Covenant or the Silver Monkey that those panicked children had to assemble in The Shrine of the Silver Monkey on the show Legends of the Hidden Temple. I never had anyone that gorgeous who wanted me. Who actually picked me. I have dignity, it's just that it's attached with Velcro.

From "The Zombie Apocalyps(tick)"

So I'm asking right now, should a zombie apocalypse come, can someone adopt me into their group? Though I have no real skills, I do have a vast knowledge of zombies in pop culture and some great cutting remarks. Kill Zombie Nicolas Cage and I'll assure you, "That's okay. His career was dead long before he was." And in the end, that might be enough.

Her ebook is published by ThoughtCatalog, and available for just $2.99 at Amazon.

52 pages
5,769 out of 20,000 page goal

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